Julian Serrano!!

4 Jun

Located in Las Vegas at the Aria Hotel. As many of you guys know Vegas offers some of the best restaurants in the world so anytime I’m out there I try to take advantage and go to as many different restaurants as possible. Since I stay at the Aria Hotel most of the times I’m in Vegas I have dined at most of the restaurants inside the hotel more than a few times except for Julian Serrano so I was pretty excited to try it. After trying the variety of dishes we ordered I was a bit disappointed. The Calamari was excellent!! One of the most tender pieces of calamari I’ve tasted. Probably one of the 2 dishes that I really enjoyed.
Ahi tuna on a bed of seasoned seaweed in special sauce!! Definitely one of the better dishes!!!

Creamy Risotto with Mushrooms and Manchego!! I’ve had better tasting risotto but still pretty good!!

Chorizo with fried eggs and fried potatoes. Not too impressed. Something I could have put together.

Shrimp in garlic sauce!! Also a dish that I could have done without.

Paella!! I was really looking forward to this dish but it looks way better than it tastes. Not only was the rice a bit hard to chew but overall flavor was very disappointing!! 😦



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