A-Won!! Rating from 1-10. Ambiance-5, Service-7, Price point-7, Food quality-8.

27 Jun

This restaurant located in Los Angeles in the heart of Korea-town is one of my favorite places to go for some fresh sushi and their excellent Hwe Dup Bap which is rice mixed with Sashimi in a special spicy sauce called cho-gochujang!!
Side dishes!! 😉
Sushi platter!! Fresh & delicious.

Fish eggs rice!! I know it might not sound that appetizing for some of you that haven’t tried this dish but it’s absolutely mouthwatering.

Saved the best for last!! My favorite dish Hwe-Dup-Bap. Those of you who love Sashimi will really enjoy this dish. 😉

Donkatsu bento box!! Delish!!



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