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Dr. Robbin Restaurant!!

9 Jul

This restaurant located in Los Angeles specializes in foods with no added MSG, no sugar, no butter and less oil in which I was interested in trying. When I first passed by this restaurant I thought it was a skin care shop of some sort but surprisingly the space inside is very clean and comfortable. There menu includes mostly classic salads, pizzas, pastas, & soup!! They also have a dessert menu which I have yet to try. My favorite dish was the Pumpkin soup which was super tasty!! Made with whole pumpkin it’s so unique. 😉

Chicken protein salad!! Very fresh and the dressing was great.
Chicken teriyaki salad!!

Pumpkin soup!! I absolutely loved it.

Veggie pizza!! The thin crust is great for those of you that are watching your carb intake.

Seafood dukbokki!! Korean spicy rice cake dish. It was pretty tasty. 😉